Services Offered at No Charge

Here's some value added reasons why you should use Mister Jim when doing your next Little Caesars Pizza Kit fundraiser!!!


Customer Service

When you deal with Mister Jim, you have easy access to a representative who cares about your fundraiser’s success. Have a question? Call me, text me, email me. Evenings, weekends, holidays, no problem. This is my number: 304-639-1346. I enjoy hearing from you!


Customer Service Team

I am blessed to have an incredible customer service team working hard to make your fundraiser successful and pleasurable. Feel free to call them during normal business hours at 888-452-5487. Sarah, Jaime, Amy, Anthony, Brittany, and Lalena are ready to help.


Need a Prize Program for Your Sellers?

Mister Jim has them. Some groups are self motivated and need no incentive to reach their goals. Some need help. Mister Jim knows how to help motivate your sellers. And best of all, Mister Jim pays for your incentives.


Sale Cover Letter

Mister Jim can make a personalized letter for your fundraiser. Every fundraiser should have a letter to accompany the brochure. Let your group know all the important facts about your sale.


Order Tally

Mister Jim has an Excel Spread Sheet made just for the Pizza Kit Brochure. This makes life easy for the chairperson. Just punch in the seller names and orders, and everything will be added for you. NOT SURE HOW TO WORK EXCEL, NO PROBLEM. Send your order forms to Mister Jim, I will tally your orders, FREE of CHARGE!


Delivery Day Tips

Mister Jim has the knowledge and tips to make your delivery day to go smoothly. Call me before your delivery day. I will go over the fine points. In fact, I attend deliveries whenever my schedule permits it.


Service After The Sale

So your sale is over, and you have an issue? Call me and let’s get it resolved.

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